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The very heart of cultural life in the period between the Empire and the Most Serene Republic of Venice, the Castle of San Salvatore hosted, over the centuries, leading figures and events capable of changing the course of history; it opens its gates today in that same spirit.

The ancient hamlet and the magnificent view of the castle, with its Turris Magna dominating the hill, are ideally suited for ceremonies, special evenings, and gala dinners. The extensive hanging terraces and formal gardens lend themselves beautifully to unforgettable open-air cocktails. The gorgeous natural landscape, with its vineyards, pastures and woods, offers the ideal setting for concerts, fashion shows, photo shoots, video advertising and shows of all kinds. The elegant rooms of the Odoardo Palace, all out-fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities, become the prestigious headquarters of important conferences, corporate events, and incentive programs.

It is definitely a special place for meeting and celebrating, a talent melting pot and think tank, today just as it was yesterday. Here, nobility and beauty enrich the heart and inspire the future.

Greatest events venue in Italy

Social Events and



Fashion shows

Cultural events

Photo Shoots

Video and Film Set

Advertising spots

over 1,500 square metres of indoor area on three floors with an alarm system

over 2,500 square metres of outdoor spaces
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Greatest events venue in Italy

Corporate and
Special Parties

Corporate anniversaries

Top clients special events

International sales meetings

Gala dinners


Special family events

Birthday parties

Banquets for up to 200 persons in one room

Banquets for up to 700 persons in more rooms

Cocktail / Buffet indoor area for up to 1,000 persons

Tent rental for outdoor terraces – on request

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Greatest business venue in Italy

Corporate Events and





New Product Presentations

Incentive programs

Seats in one room for up to 250 persons

Seats in more rooms for up to 700 persons

Advanced multimedia equipment
Hotel hospitality
Pre-post meeting and accompanying programs
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