A dream called a castle

authentic emotions, immersed in history

The San Salvatore Castle is one of the most sumptuous and iconic late medieval fortifications in Europe, where time seems to have stopped. You tread a romantic cobblestone leading to the imposing North Gate, passing through the hamlet between crenellated walls and armoured towers, and after crossing the intriguing drawbridge, you finally enter the heart of the castle. Moving uphill, you gradually leave behind the preoccupations of daily life, overwhelmed by the silence and the extraordinary panorama that opens to reveal a unique, unmatchable atmosphere. Here, among the fascinating medieval ruins of the Ottaviano Palace and the Palaces of the Counts, the terraces march out into sublime beauty, the magnificent Palazzo Odoardo rises up, and ... you can breathe in the air of centuries past!

The drawbridge

Impregnable bulwark of the fortress, with a massive portcullis and an authentic external counterweight.

Castello in affitto in Veneto
Unique castle for rent in Italy

The Borgo

Towering crenellated walls and armoured towers protect the classic medieval hamlet.

The Belvedere Terrace

An important Roman relic of the Imperial age on a terrace with a breath-taking panoramic view.

Castello in affitto in Veneto
Castello per matrimoni ed eventi esclusivi in Veneto

The Donjon and the Palaces of the Counts

Imposing crowned tower and fascinating ruins of the ancient buildings of the court of the Collalto Counts.

Castello in affitto in Veneto

The Terrace of the Arches

Like some endless green terrace, a formal garden overlooks the vast plain as far as Venice.

Palazzo Odoardo

A remarkable palace whose beauty marries the sheer energy of rococo to the Arcadian style of its noble statues.